Below is a list of my traditionally published short fiction, with links when story is available online.


The Droplifter – Every Day Fiction – September, 2020

On a first date, a young man discovers something strange yet charming about the young woman he has just met.

Pettisha and the Cat Man of Paris – Every Day Fiction – September, 2018

A young man befriends an old street performer and his cat on the streets of Paris.

Love and the Art of Telegraphy – Every Day Fiction – April, 2018

The discovery of an old telegraph set sparks the key to love for Sam.

It’s Only Rain – Every Day Fiction – February, 2018

Jack and Kadie find music and magic in an old barn loft.

Cat in the Snow – Every Day Fiction – May, 2017

The appearance of a cat on a snowy day leads to changes in Jenny’s life.

A Patch of Blue Sky in my Dreams – Every Day Fiction – April, 2016

A musician finds inspiration in the face of loss.

Fearsome Blue – Eleven Eleven Literary Journal – September, 2015

Nadia and Peri must trust the Moon if they are to survive in their strange, weightless world

Charming the Perch – Every Day Fiction – July, 2015

An outdoorsman aids a frightened woman in the woods.

A Cigarette for Lester – Every Day Fiction – June, 2015

A young boy bonds with an old man in a nursing home.

A Drinking Tale – Every Day Fiction – November, 2014

Noel’s life in Paris and his writing career spiral downward.

The Nesting Habits of Wrens – Every Day Fiction – July, 2014

The arrival of a pair of nesting birds makes an old woman contemplate her life.

Lonely Boy – Every Day Fiction – June, 2014

Prom Night holds a few surprises for Cory Clayton.

Moonshine Girl and the Golden Cat – New Myths – June, 2014

Danea, the Moonshine Girl, longs for love and adventure.

One Last Dozen Or So – Every Day Fiction – February, 2014

A chance meeting and misplaced flowers change Kara’s views on love.

The Whelp – Every Day Fiction – November, 2013

After finding an injured baby animal in the woods, a man reflects on his life.

Inferno Lost – Every Day Fiction – July, 2013

After his death, Clark discovers some changes have taken place in Hell.

Down Rail – Every Day Fiction – June, 2013

A railroad engineer and his estranged father travel on a mysterious train journey.

Twelve Bar Blues – Every Day Fiction – May, 2013

The Music of an old guitarist leads to changes in Carrie’s life

Café Terrace at Night – Every Day Fiction – April, 2013

Madness on the streets of Arles, France in 1888

The Weathercock – Every Day Fiction – March, 2013

An old weather vane on top of a Maine barn holds clues to a link between humans and the world of Faerie.

Rhapsody in the Dark – Every Day Fiction – September, 2012

Jake ponders life, love and romance at a Paris cafe in the pouring rain.

Resignation – Every Day Fiction – August, 2012

An evil underling to a Dark Lord writes his resignation letter.

Oh, Titania – Every Day Fiction – July, 2012

The mystery of an acrostic in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is revealed.

Meet Cute – Every Day Fiction – June, 2012

A rider on a bus discovers a unique way to meet the girl of his dreams.

The Night of the Green Devil – Aphelion Webzine – April, 2012 (No longer appears online. Now available in new edition at

Rusher John faces the consequences when his deal with a devil comes due.

Rainbow Girl – Golden Visions Magazine – April, 2012

A heroin junkie hole up in an old abandoned house is troubled by the ghost of a Victorian age girl who once shared a problem similar to his.

The Luncheon of the Boating Party – Every Day Fiction – April, 2012

The arrival of the print of a Renoir painting stirs old longings in Jana’s heart.

Way To Blue – Every Day Fiction – March, 2012

Winny and Nicholas of the Cloudfolk deal with his losing the ability to fly.

The Ale Wife – Mirror Dance Magazine – Spring, 2012

Tom Bobbin’s plan to woo the ale wife Lorena takes an unexpected turn.

Rememories – Used Gravitrons Quarterly – February, 2012

After a scarring accident, Chase finds solace only in his own memories.

Deepsleep – Every Day Fiction – January, 2012

A couple faces a difficult choice on a colony ship traveling to a distant world.

The Dirt Under My Fingernails – Bare Root Review – Fall, 2011

A man reflects on life as he complies with his father’s dying wish.

During The Eclipse – Weird Year – December, 2011

Myth, religion and belief converge on a late night beach beneath a disappearing moon.

The Year Without A Summer – Every Day Fiction – December, 2011

An unusual summer freeze brings hardship to an early Nineteenth Century farming family.

Nikki Comes Home – Every Day Fiction – November, 2011

Nikki the cat still has a few surprises for the boy who grew up loving her.

Annie’s Book – Every Day Fiction – October, 2011

A strange book about fairies proves to be the key to a neighbor’s mysterious disappearance.

The Miller’s Tale – Mystic Signals Magazine – August, 2011 (No Longer appears online. Now Available at

The Miller asks his servant, Thomas, a simple favor–trade bodies with him for the night. But this magical exchange leads both of them toward a dark destiny that neither could have imagined.

The Night Bigfoot Attacked Marville, Texas, June 15th, 1977 – Fried Fiction – July, 2011 (No longer appears online. Now Available at

Jack Horn and Scotty McKay are two young boys brought together by their fascination for mythic monsters, particularly Bigfoot. Scotty believes he has sighted the beast, and the two boys take to the woods behind their houses in a quest to find the creature. But what they discover is something eminently more terrifying—and real.

Red – Jersey Devil Press – July, 2011

A twisted take on the Little Red Riding Hood fable. Red is entrusted with much more than food to take to her grandmother’s house.

The Thinning – Daily Science Fiction – June, 2011 <> Not Just Rockets and Robots: Daily Science Fiction, Year One – August, 2012

The practitioner of simple magic discovers her powers are waning, now that electricity has come to her neighborhood.

Lessons Never Learned – Every Day Fiction – June, 2011

A man learns sorcery in hopes of bringing his deceased wife back to life, but the answer to his problem is something quite unexpected.

Barrow Ben – Aphelion Webzine – May, 2011 (Now Available at

Barrow Ben is a brown bear in an enchanted forest. When the River Girl, a magical water spirit, is kidnaped, Ben is transformed into a man by a witch so that he may leave the forest and search for her. But the world of men proves a beguiling place for Ben.

Angeline is Coming Home – The Zephyr Magazine – 1997

Angeline, a beautiful girl from Ireland, needs a husband, and fast. Her one requirement, that he have United State’s citizenship. Paul Price, a hapless computer geek, fits the bill.

Father Figure – Perspectives Magazine – December, 1989

A man loses heart after he discovers a dark secret about his family.