Meet Jake: A Romantic-at-heart Texan reeling from a bad breakup. Jake decides the best cure for his melancholy is to travel to Europe, a trip he was supposed to take with his ex-fiancée. Now, loath to travel alone, Jake signs on with a tour group of young adults in their mid-to-late twenties for a whirlwind tour from Great Britain to Greece. Joining the group in London, Jake discovers an eclectic mix of partiers and pleasure-seekers, with a few oddballs thrown in for good measure. As hijinks and hilarity ensue at every turn, Jake wonders if his dreams of a European Romance will come to fruition. Enter Naomi, an exotic L.A. girl just looking to chill for a few weeks in Europe. With her perfect, gym-defined shape and Gucci tastes to boot, she is seemingly a girl out of Jake’s league. But after an unexpected meet-cute moment in the first days of the tour, Jake has Naomi’s attention. But, with offbeat Europeans and even a few of his own travel mates tripping him up at every turn, will Jake be able to maintain Naomi’s interest until romance (and more) can blossom?